Adult Sunday School–Our Adult Sunday school classes meet at 9:15 a.m. throughout the building.  Many are inter-generational with the class working through a particular topical study or book of the Bible.  Here is what we are offering this coming Sunday:

  • The Bridge Builders–Acts – led by Theo Hagg
  • The Bereans–James — led by David Burgin & Stephen Strickler
  • The Sojourner Class–When Trouble Comes, led by Frank McCollum
  • The Through the Bible Class– Revelation — led by Jerry Falasca & Larry Crigger
  • The Discussion Class–New Testament Gospels, led by Jim Hall
  • College & Career Age – The Westminster Shorter Catechism – led by John Atkins
  • The Inquirer’s Class–a periodic class required for membership that touches on the basics of our faith, doctrine, and church – led by our Pastors

We also have several small groups available to join.  Click here for a list.


Outdoor Worship Service - July 5th at 8:45 a.m.